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Artist Matt Kaufenberg created and contributed this great Legend of Zelda themed illustration for the related Fill Up Your Hearts tribute blog.

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The Legend of Zelda by Matt Kaufenberg (deviantART) (Twitter)

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The Legend of Zelda meets How I Met Your Mother in this Legen -wait for it- dary mash up by Faniseto. Shirts now on sale at RedBubble.

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The Legendary Barney by Faniseto (Redbubble) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Submitted by: Faniseto

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Nine of the coolest hats in videogame history.  Buy this shirt and you’ll keep your body warm and your virginity intact all at the same time!

Cuando juegas al zelda. Mirando desde el lado del prójimo. [He de reconocer que las gallinas no me dan pena, están programadas como seres de lo más pesado]

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Fue su cumple hace poco tiempo. De hecho ayer. Linkizidades!


Designed from an Artoyz Elementz, here comes Wuz One‘s Link ! He did it for a French friend apparently… Well mister Wuz, I’m French, I love Hellboy and I’d love to become your friend !

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